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The Difference between "AVERAGE AND SUCCESS"
Daksh Haldar
July 16,2019
The amount of free time, we as humans have now was never the same as before. As primal beings, we used to spend our whole life looking for ways to survive and to keep us and our community safe.
But now, life has become much easier to survive and everything is ready-to-make, we have lots of time and many ways to entertain ourselves and engage ourselves in meaningless activities.The world is at your fingertips
Even the food is delivered to our premises making us more sedentary and less mobile. We are all living vegetables.Even the food is delivered to our premises making us more sedentary and less mobile. We are all living vegetables.
Make a Timetable!
We just choose to fill the voids with crappy stuffs like aimlessly scrolling through social media, or doing meetings where isn’t necessary, talking aimlessly to unnecessary people when you have better things to do.
I believe, the only difference between someone stuck and someone making it big is the way he uses his time.Here are some of the ways with which you can get a hold of your free time to be more happy and fulfilled
A Man who Lifts Twice, stays Healthy, Wealthy and Wise!
If there is only one keystone habit you want to concentrate on and acquire, then I will highly recommend practicing meditation even for as little as 10 minutes a day.
It will make you live in present which is going to bring happiness to you which is the end goal for most of us. It also helps is focusing more on your goals and jitters away distracting habits eventually.
Age old saying-‘Health is Wealth’. And trust me, it is. It is one of the most important things in the long run. You can work 16-18 hours a day and make your business prosper in 2 years, but soon you are going to be a prey to many diseases.
Then you won’t be able to work even for 2 hours a day. Who is going to manage your business then.Keep a check on your health.
Exercising everyday has a number of benefits including:
  • More energy throughout the day.
  • Better physique.
  • Increased Happiness.
  • Increased Happiness.r.
And Many More.
Aim for the Moon, You may hit the star!
Starting a Side Business:
Starting a business has never been easier than it is after the advent of the Internet. You can write blogs, start your instagram page or even a youtube channel. There are many more options to choose from. It may take time but it is going to be a hit as there is an audience for everyone these days. You just need to pick your niche and go hard on it. It will soon start making you money and might overtake your salary if you stick long enough with it.
Reading Books:
Another activity/habit specially recommended by most of the great minds of any generation.As we graduate, most of us give up on learning which is one reason most of us aren’t able to improve much.Books are available on every topic, from currently hot Artificial Intelligence to age old Mediation, from cooking to farming, from money management, home science, from animal rearing to parenthood.You don’t need to get a degree to learn all of this. Nor do you need to pay tuition fees for learning. It is all available in the books.Just grab one which is the most intriguing to you or the one you need the most.
Don't wait for things to settle down. Do it now!
Learn a new Skill:
Be it learning to play guitar, taking a calligraphy class, taking a cake making class, or even a knitting class, learn a new language, or do something you would like to do. You might have given up on a passion of yours in your school days for studying or some other reason. It is the time to work on it. It is time to try it out. Don’t miss out on it.
Goal Setting:
One of the best things to do in your leisure time is to set and review your goals.It is a great way to reflect on your progress and it keeps you on track with the end goal. You can start by making weekly, monthly, 6-monthly and annual goals.I personally don’t set any goal for more than one year in the future as it is highly unpredictable to assume the life I will be living 1 year from now.
Cleaning and Organising Your Place:
Coming back to a clean and organised place after a hard day at work or at college is such a mesmerising feeling.You can just get into the comfy sheets and relax.Cleaning the place can be a fun habit if you play your favourite songs while doing so.It lowers the stress anxiety and fatigue and also helps you defeat the deadly habit of procrastination.
Start Now an reap the rewards later!
Monthly Budget Review
Reviewing your budget if you already have one is a great exercise to save a few hundred bucks.And making a budget in advance creates a psychological barrier which is hard to cross. You will never be in debts. You can also observe and unlearn your bad spending habits.
Getting Bored:
I tried to make myself clear in the last blog that you can be more creative by getting bored in this ever distracted world.Give it a read if you haven’t already. It will amaze you. It will let you think of your present, past and future, keeping at the core the ways in which you can improve your life.You will start thinking about your choices and how you can better them. This is called Autobiographical thinking explained in the last blog.
Now with your time in your hands, explore more to find yourself. Try to find things you like and don’t like. It will be amazing to know that you weren’t doing certain things before which you love to do and you are pretty good at them. If you aren’t able to free your time, use YourHour application on your Smartphones and go nuts. Learn something new, read something old, explore the unexplored and be more fulfilled. What do you people do in your leisure hours? Comment down to tell us. Maybe we can share it with others. Keep sticking with us. Until the next read, See ya!
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