A Letter To My Smartphone!

Dear Device,

Of all the people I could write to, tonight I choose to write to you. This is not a love letter, but always remember that I have a lot of love for you. It’s just that, at some point, your love turns toxic. Sorry.

I remember the day you arrived home. I remember unpacking you, chucking aside the warranty information papers, the user guide, and all unnecessary other paraphernalia. I remember how I ran into my garden and started to snap away at the various flowers that grew there- all to test the camera. It was beautiful. I did not know how many flowers were there until that day in the garden. You brought them to my attention.

You know, better than most people, that I live far away from most of my friends. Well, that night the distance seemed non-existent. One video call and their cheery pixelated faces showed up, all so excited because they were as excited for my new phone as I was. Oh! What a glorious time!

The days that followed passed in a blur. I was glued to you, taking you with me to nearly every place I went. Do you remember how my infuriated my parents were when I started texting them from the same room? We thought we were so cool!

But then the days went by and I realised that what you were doing was not all good for me. Yes, I could do my assignments far more easily. But I was also becoming more lethargic. Yes, I was more connected to my friends, but I would not talk much to them if I met them in real life. And of course, I had much more time now that you made my work so easy, but then I started valuing my time far less. Oh! The delirium was fading, and the bitter reality of truth was not that easy to swallow. But that didn’t matter! You were everything to me. What more did I want?

Then the day a horrible accident befell the both of us. A prankster cousin pushed us into the swimming pool. And the dive that we went for, was your last. After that, you were never the same. And yet, the efforts to resuscitate you were long-drawn. Many remedies were tried and tested. To no avail.

In the dark night, with you not there to keep me company, I began to think about how my life had revolved around you. Far more than is acceptable. That I would treat you better than I was treating most humans! Unthinkable. And yet. Here we are.

And so, tonight, I’, breaking up with you. No, not entirely. I can never do without you. But I’ve decided to keep my distance. I have learnt my lesson well. Perhaps, one day, I shall truly be done with you. One day, I shall wash my hands of you.

Until then

I remain

Yours truly,