The New Social Drug - "PHONE ADDICTION"

'Alex' is this cool guy who has a lot of followers on Instagram and is amongst the most famous guys in his college. He is a regular user of social media applications. He is sad in person. This one time when he went into a cafe, his mobile stopped working for some technical reason and he started panicking and having anxiety. This is because he is a Smartphone addict.

In this blog, we will go through how ‘SmartPhones’ have become a necessity in the form of addiction and what all problems they are creating in our day-to-day lives.

Even the food is delivered to our premises making us more sedentary and less mobile. We are all living vegetables.Even the food is delivered to our premises making us more sedentary and less mobile. We are all living vegetables.

‘Smartphones’ have become our oxygen in this 21st Century. They have become the need of the hour. Doing day to day tasks have become easier with these devices at our disposal. This is all true. But the bigger truth is that we are becoming obsessed and worse, addicted to these devices. These devices, more than helping us in being productive, are becoming a roadblock in our success. We can even notice ourselves using it while sitting with friends, or family which is very scary for the bonding amongst the future families. There are many new physical and mental health issues taking over this world because of smartphone addiction.

Symptoms of Being an Addict:

Neck Pain:

Most Smartphone users understand what we are talking about. Also called ‘Text Neck’, this neck pain is caused due to using smartphones a lot as we usually crouch our back while using it which is against the natural posture which we need to maintain for a healthy body.

Digital Eye Strain:

No matter if we have a full HD display in our smartphone or not, if we don’t have our eyes in a healthy state, we won’t be able to use our devices. This disease makes our eyes pain, burn, itch, and can even make our vision blurry. (No more Instagram for us? OH NOO!)

Sleeping next to our devices:


This is a relatively newer problem but seems like a problem we are having since forever. I can’t remember the last time I saw someone sleeping without a smartphone. This is really bad for our sleep and should be taken care of. We need to sleep without any distractions and it is very essential for our wellbeing to get a well non-hindered sleep yet using mobile in the middle of the night has become a habit to us which needs to be broken.

I remember taking scolds of my parents for using smartphones in the bed at night, 5 years ago. But now they are sharing articles regarding ‘Using Smartphones less' at 6 in the morning. It is the death of Irony.

Taking out our Smartphones as soon as we are alone in public:


If this is happening to you too often then you need to take control of it. It is building social anxiety and it may lead to severe depression.

Never leaving our Phone Alone:

According to one study, most people would rather take an electric shock than to sit alone in a room without a Smartphone. If these studies aren’t scary then what is? I don’t see the use of anti-theft applications for mobile phones as I observe people using Smartphones, practically everywhere- be it bathrooms, bedrooms, workplaces, while stuck in traffic, with friends, without friends, at schools, at playgrounds, etc.

Using a Smartphone while with friends:


This is really disheartening to observe. When I was a kid, going out to play was so much more fun and it was something I used to crave for. Watching kids these days just bumps me out and makes me sad. They are no more excited to meet their friends in person and many times try to ignore them or avoid them. This is reducing our capabilities of managing humans. And as we or ‘Social Beings’, interacting with other humans is essential for our wellbeing. And most of these people are doing this subconsciously as it has been registered in their minds to check their cellphones now and then.

Tried and failed at decreasing usage:


If you know that you are an addict, and have failed at decreasing your screen time then this is the biggest symptom. We completely understand that it is not easy to get past any addiction, that's why we have built an application like Yourhour to help to detox you from this addiction.

Drowsy throughout the day:


If you are sleep deprived yet you choose to scroll through social media than it is a symptom of Nomophobia. We have picked up a sedentary lifestyle after the origin of smartphones. Everything is possible through this yet using it throughout the day causes us to be more sleepy even during the day. This is one major symptom of an addict.

Not Bored Too Often:

If you don’t remember getting bored the last time then you are suffering from Nomophobia. Getting bored is essential for the brain to generate new ideas. We need to go into that autopilot mode where we are doing things without much thinking like walking, reading the same old book and sometimes watching the same old movie or a tv series to make our brain work in the default mode.

This habit of never getting bored by scrolling through your feed is a roadblock in our productivity. We think that we are multitasking while switching applications, but what we are doing is depleting our brain’s resources.

Let’s go through some of the issues:


The term is an abbreviation for “no-mobile-phone phobia”, which was coined during a 2010 study by the UK Post Office.

it is the fear of being without cell phones or not being able to be connected with people through the internet. We all are very close to being a Nomophobic, if not already being one. If you experience anxiety while not being around your phones in public, then you are not an introvert but a nomophobic, which is an emergency by the way.

Attention Span:


We all joke about the memory of a goldfish to be 30 seconds or less, but our attention span, according to one study, has reduced to less than 8 seconds after the origin of smartphones. How can we achieve something with such a low attention span? Author of famous books like ‘Digital Minimalism’ and ‘Deep Work’, Cal Newport, states, “A life defined by fragmented attention can produce exhaustion and anxiety.”

Road accidents:


Now, don’t lie. We all have at least once used our cells while driving vehicles which is such a bitter reality. You cannot argue against this. This is more dangerous than drinking and driving. And it needs to be treated like an unethical practice. the number of road accidents in the past one decade has skyrocketed with the prime reason being the use of smartphones while driving.

Poor Human Relations:


We are becoming less of humans as we are not able to capitalize on our basic skill of conversing with fellow humans. You might have noticed your share of Alex's in birthdays, marriages, or just some casual get-togethers, always on their cellphones making them look busy while they are just stalking their ex. We seem so away from our parents even when we are with them. I have seen families sitting together where all of them are using their smartphones. It is not the most human thing to do. We are losing our skill of dealing with people with patience without which it is not possible to be successful.

Smartphone OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder):


Well, this is not the first time you are hearing about this. If you are then I shall tell you what it means. Have you ever seen your mother go bizarre about the fact that you just changed the position of the utensils stand in the kitchen? She goes crazy about it and starts to give the old lecture which starts with how she manages the whole house and ends with how idiot you are. Well, she is going crazy because she has OCD about cleanliness and placing things at certain places. In the same way these days smartphone users are becoming obsessed with these devices and get anxiety attacks when they aren’t able to find their devices or aren’t able to use them for some reason which makes them angry. Some studies have shown an increase in blood pressure in the subjects when they were sent to a vacant room without their devices.


Coming back to a clean and organised place after a hard day at work or at college is such a mesmerising feeling.You can just get into the comfy sheets and relax.Cleaning the place can be a fun habit if you play your favourite songs while doing so.It lowers the stress anxiety and fatigue and also helps you defeat the deadly habit of procrastination.

Yes, smartphones are very smart, but don’t let them be smarter than us. We have to be ‘Smart’ beings while handling these devices. And for this, our application YourHour will help you a lot.

Alex is using YourHour for six months now and looks much happier and fulfilled. He now is famous amongst the real people and has much better relations with his friends and family. He is now able to focus more on his studies.

This is what ALEX has to say about us- "YourHour has changed my life. It has an interactive user interface. And as they say, it is not your mom, who will scold you or switch off your mobile but will be your FRIEND who supports you through this process of digital detox, making you more of a HUMAN. YourHour was of huge help in tackling my digital dementia. I am sure it will be valuable to you too."

Of course, we need to add many more problems and the symptoms and you will see them in the following blogs and we will also show you how we can overcome this addiction. Do stick with us.

P.S.- Alex is a fictional character yet he is the summation of so many emails we get from you guys. Keep sending them. It fills our hearts with gratitude.

We have a question for you:

Are you a Smartphone addict?

If yes, then keep reading our blog and keep using the application. Soon you are going to get free of this addiction and live a more fulfilled and happier life.

If No, then tell us how you have broken the shackles or were already away from this addiction in the comment section below.

Have a great day ahead!


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